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Becoming “Offical”

A few months flew by and she left me. Not really but she did fly to Europe with her friends to explore the other side of the world. The time and distance apart caused us to really realize how much we loved each other. We were now in a relationship. Once she returned from her trip, we spent the day at Disneyland which turned into many more exciting days together.

The Dating Game

When we got back from Mexico, Tiffaney ignored me. Probably something about me being the loud annoying guy the whole car ride to Mexico. However, I didn’t give up. I sent her a message asking her to get coffee with me and after her friend convinced her to go, she said Yes… This was the first of many yeses. Date after date we explored the vast array of foods and coffee.

Where it all Started

We both signed up to go on a missionary trip down to Mexico with our church, Rock Harbor. I was in the same van as Tiffaney on the way down there, so naturally I was loud and obnoxious the whole ride there (clearly a good flirting technique). Throughout the trip we got to know each …